Soap-Box with the ChiroLady: What is a subluxation? an adjustment?

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So, what is a subluxation? In simple terms ...  it is a misalignment of two bones. It is NOT a dislocation. Well, maybe like the tiniest, smallest dislocation. Any two bones can be misaligned: two vertebrae of the spine, your elbow joint, phalanges (fingers), etc.

Can you feel a subluxation? Yes. Well, eventually. Or rather, you might feel the result of a subluxation if it has been there for a long time or if the impact that moved the bones is severe enough. You will feel it in a form of swelling, pain, or radiation of pain into the legs/arms/shoudlers. In most cases, you can't really feel the subluxation itself (chiropractors can because we are trained for that). 

Think about your spine. Between each vertebra there is a beautiful, shock obsorption disc. In the back of the vertebrae and discs is the spinal canal. In the canal you have the most PRECIOUS spinal cord that is very sensitive to pressure. Imagine if one of your vertebrae shifts just a little bit backwards (subluxates) and starts aggravating that nerve! Your brain realizes that something is off. It senses that the vertebrae are not aligned. In other words: there is a subluxation.

So, what happens next?

Your brain will try to stabilize the spine the best it can, starting with muscle spasms surrounding the spine which makes you feel stiff, sore, tight, or pain. If over time the subluxation is not corrected, the body starts taking more severe measures. It starts putting down more calcium (more bone) to stabilize the spine. That's where bone spurs come from.

Unfortunately, by putting down more bone, the body encrouches on the spinal canal  and places additional stress on the spinal cord and spinal nerves!! 

This is where an ADJUSTMENT comes in handy!! An adjustment is a high velocity, low amplitude (very FAST, but very soft) manual thrust that re-aligns the 2 bones together. Chiropractors are trained (4 years undergraduate and 4 years doctorate program) to find the subluxations, determine exactly in which direction the misalignment happened, and then using their hands adjust the patient in a SPECIFIC direction to move the bone back into place. Ta-da!

The adjustment allows the information from the brain to travel at 100% down the spinal cord, into the spinal nerves, and out to the area of hurt. Then the body can do what it does best. Heal the area of dysfunction.

Why is it so important to NOT have subluxations? The nerves that come out of that PRECIOUS spinal cord that I mentioned earlier, they innervate your WHOLE BODY!!!! In other words, every muscle, organ, tissue, cell!!! So, the health of your spine is TREMENDOUSLY important. The best way to keep the spine aligned is to reduce physical, chemical and emotional stress AND visit someone who can re-align your spine. AKA a chiropractor. 

Hope that helps, my friends! 


Tune in next time to Soap-Box to talk about "Once I start going, do I have to go to a chiropractor for the rest of my life?"

Dr. Katya AKA ChiroLady I am a very straight-forward person that enjoys debates and discussions. I am a license Chiropractor that loves to teach and explain how the body works, how it heals, and what is best for health. I graduated from UNCC with a BS in Biology and from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL with my doctorate degree in Chiropractic medicine.

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