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Last time we talked about physical stress and what effect it has on your spine; but what about emotional and chemical stressors? How does that affect your spinal health and your health overall?

Well, lets think it through. Let's say you just had a conversation with a very annoying person and you are worked-up about it. Your brain perceives that as stress, and in response it releases cortisol (a stress hormone) along with many other things. Cortisol encourages your muscles to engage and get ready to fight ... or run away. Whatever rocks your boat. A lot of people carry all their tension in the shoulders and neck for the most part. And guess what?? Those muscles are connected to the vertebrae of the spine and they pull on the spine in millions of different directions. 

Guess what that pulling does to your spine? It moves the vertebrae. It misaligns your spine, or rather causes a subluxation.

Not only does stress affect your spine health, it just ruins your mood overall. Like it or not, our attitude affects our overall health, especially our immune system. For you analytical types: 

I sure haven't forgotten about chemical stress. How does that create illness in your spine? Alcohol, drugs, pollution, or preservatives are common sources of chemical stress. When you consume certain things, it has a direct effect on your gut health/flora. In turn, gut health influences brain and nervous system health, and guess where your spinal cord lives? In your SPINE!! Here is another link for the analytical mind: 

Practical ways to reduce emotional and chemical stress on your spine:

1. Surround yourself with good people: No, seriously! Get yourself in a group of people where you feel safe and relaxed. Let your cortisol levels decrease and your body enter the "rest, digest" and healing stage. 

2. Increase antioxidants in your diet: When we experience stress in any form, oxidation (degradation) increases in the cells in our body. Fight it by increasing antioxidants in your diet: colorful fruits and veggies are full of them!

3. Decrease your junk food intake: I know, I know. You hear that all the time, but what kind of doctor would I be if I don't mention junk food? You know that junk food increases inflammation in your body; it's just having the will power to change your diet which is difficult. But you are worth fighting for. You got this!

4. Meditate for 10-20 minutes per day: If your brain is the computer of your body and organizes and controls your WHOLE body ... what will happen if your brain is under emotional stress? It can't properly control your body and make sure it runs smoothly. Reduce that emotional stress on your brain!!

Hope that helps, my friends. 

Until next itme. 


Dr. Katya AKA ChiroLady I am a very straight-forward person that enjoys debates and discussions. I am a license Chiropractor that loves to teach and explain how the body works, how it heals, and what is best for health. I graduated from UNCC with a BS in Biology and from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL with my doctorate degree in Chiropractic medicine.

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